Thursday, 2 June 2016

Round-up for Legume Love Affair 95 of May 2016

Round-up for Legume Love Affair 95 of May 2016

I am delighted to present the round-up of MLLA, which I hosted for the second time in the month of May 2016. Special thanks to Susan of  "The well seasoned cook" who conceived this idea in 2008, and later to Lisa of Lisa's kitchen for taking care of Susan's baby for a long period of time, because of them this event is still on, and I got the chance to host it again.

I would like to thank all the bloggers who shared their recipes in this MLLA event for May 2016. Now onto some delicious recipes of this month. This month MLLA received ten recipes in all. Out of them, three were on red kidney beans, a popular legume which is used/cooked in many cuisines of the world. All the recipes shared were amazing and it was difficult to choose which is the best.

The most clicked post was Vegan gumbo by Janet of The taste space. This is a Zucchini and quinoa cajun stew, in which the main legume is red kidney beans. This is an interesting and an amazing recipe, which I would love to try soon.

My favourite post was Crock-pot cheesy salsa by Joy of Joy love food. This is a delicious cheesy dip with black beans, which is full of flavours and was cooked in a slow cooker.

Other posts were in the order they were posted. First one was Mixed lentil vadas by Mayuri of Mayuri's Jikoni. A very good snack in which she used five lentils and lots of aromas, which can be enjoyed with evening tea. She also gave the recipe of coconut chutney.

Next is a very interesting recipe of Lentil Schnitzel by The veg hog, this is a new recipe for me. Schnitzel looks healthy and tempting. In this recipe, she used three lentils with some vegetables and served with mashed potatoes and creamy mushroom.

Next is Mung masoor khichdi by Jolly homemade recipe. This recipe is simple and nice, it is a comfort food, which is a combination of protein and carbs in one bowl. In this recipe, she cooked two lentils together with rice and tempered with garam masala.

Next is Mung bean and quinoa in spicy broth, by Johanna of GreenGourmet Giraffe This is a very healthy and tasty dish. In which you will find flavours of cumin seeds and black pepper, which is served with colourful vegetables. This is a full plate meal.

Next again is a very interesting and unique recipe of Miso Minestrone by Shaheen of Allotment 2 kitchen. Shaheen has a treasure of vegetarian recipes, I always find new recipes on her blog. In this recipe, she used frozen edamame, peas and broad beans. combined with spinach and mushrooms.

Three recipes were very similar to red kidney beans curry, which in Hindi we call Rajma curry. This curry is a famous north Indian dish, very popular in the state of Punjab, India, which is normally enjoyed with rice.
First one is rajma rice. I really liked the idea when Jeena of Jeena's Kitchen prepared this dish, in which she cooked together beans and rice as a main dish, which is a full meal of protein and carbs together. In this, she used cinnamon and bay leaf flavours with other ingredients.

Next is a is rich Punjabi rajma curry by Nupur of The Veggie Indian. In this dish, she used garam masala and full-fat milk to give richness, taste and flavour. She wrote a very nice post on the importance of protein in our diet.

Next is Rajma Chawal by Asiya of Yummy Indian Kitchen. In this post, red kidney beans curry and rice are cooked and served separately. She used nice flavours and spices to make it rich, tasty and flavourful.