Sunday 8 February 2015


Happy Valentines day to every one...

If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love” Maya Angelou.
Such a nice quote on love by Maya Angelou.
People say that in February, love is in the air because of Valentine day. But I think love is as important as our soul for survival, it should be there, everyday in our life. The day we are born to the day we die, love should always be there in our life to survive, so I think love should always be there in the air.

I would like to share a short story here, which I read few years ago on the internet..... One old man of 70 years old, went to see a doctor at 9 A.M. During the process of his treatment that man was looking very impatient and was checking time again and again on his wrist watch. Then doctor asked him, “Are you in a hurry or do you have to go some where?” It was already 9.30, then the man replied “I have to go and see my wife in the hospital, where she is getting treatment of Alzheimer disease from last five years. I go every day at 10 A.M. and have breakfast with her”. Then the doctor replied “that is very good, but does she recognize you?” The man took a deep breath and said no....... but I know she is my wife.” I really liked this short story, and we can really understand the meaning of love through this story.

Coming to the recipe, this is a very simple recipe in which I used only three ingredients, and it does not take a long time to make but still looks great and tastes nice. For the pink colour I have used strawberries because I do not use any artificial colour in my cooking.



  • 2 cups coconut powder
  • 1 tin sweetened condensed milk(300ml)
  • 100 grams strawberry

  • Make puree of the strawberry and cook for 5-10 minutes on low flame in a fry pan.
  • Add one cup coconut powder and half tin condensed milk, cook for another five minutes. Leave it aside to cool.
  • Mix remaining one cup of coconut powder and ½ tin condensed milk, cook on medium flame for 5 minutes.
  • Take a cling wrap around 15 inches long, spread it on a table.
  • First take the pink mixture and spread thinly like a flat sheet with fingers or rolling pin, in a big oval shape.
  • Now spread the white mixture on top of it, and
    thinly roll it, keep it in the fridge for four hours.
  • Cut small slices and serve.


  1. I've never seen anything like that! Wow!

  2. Wow! amazing idea! Sharing on twitter, thanks!

  3. pinwheel looks yummy. love the color.

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  9. WOWWW
    What a unique cake!! It looks fantastic, and I can only imagine the taste.

  10. I'm a big lover of condensed milk! I like the fact you don't use artificial colourings etc too. The natural way often tastes much better :-) I would love to try a slice of this. The story of the man who visits his wife everyday is very sweet. Shows true love! Thanks for linking to #frifree4all

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