Sunday 1 May 2016




I am pleased to host My Legume Love Affair #95 for the month of May 2016. MLLA is an ongoing, monthly event since 2008, in which, bloggers from any country or cuisine can take part in this event by presenting their vegetarian legume recipes. This event was created and started by Susan of The well seasoned cook in 2008, and has been hosted by Lisa of Lisa's  Kitchen since February 2013.

This is the second time I am hosting this prestigious event/ blog party since I have started this blog two years ago. In the month of November 2015, I hosted the same event the very first time. I am really obliged and would like to give thanks to Lisa from Lisa's kitchen, who gave me the chance to host this event again in May 2016.

The 68th United Nations general assembly have declared 2016 - The International year of pulses. Check the website below. The aim of International year of pulses 2016 is to highlight the benefits of pulse-based protein and to encourage people to use lentils in their diet. It means people have globally acknowledged the importance and benefits of lentils. Because of this global recognition, I am changing the rule of this event (with Lisa's consent) and asking my fellow bloggers to present any vegetarian lentil recipe which they have posted in 2016. I hope this way more bloggers will get a chance to participate.

I have posted many lentil recipes on my blog and have participated many times in this event. Now I am encouraging my fellow bloggers to participate and make this event a huge success.

Legumes include all types of lentils, pulses, fresh or dried beans, peanuts etc, the list is endless. You can even include chickpeas flour or any other lentil flour too, all you need to do is to present your legume-centric dish on this event page.Rules and Guidelines for this event

  1. All world cuisines are welcome, vegetarian or vegan- all entries should be egg free, meat free, seafood free.
  2. All courses of meals are accepted-starters, main meal, snack, desserts etc
  3. Any derivative such as chickpeas flour, any other lentil flour or even tofu is accepted, as long as the main ingredient is LEGUME.
  4. For your dish to be included in the roundup, it must contain more than just a few tablespoons of legumes. Or the main ingredient of the dish should be a legume.
  5. Please, ONE entry per blogger.
  6. Please,  link to this announcement page, Susan's page and Lisa's page (It is compulsory)
  7. This event will close on 31st of MAY 2016.
  8. Any recipe which you posted in 2016 is accepted.
  9. Use of logo is optional but appreciated.
  10. Please link your entries below. Round-up will be posted on 2nd of JUNE 2016 on my web page.
  11. Non-bloggers can send their recipes through e-mail together with the photo of the dish; I will consider them and include them in the round-up.
  12. Any questions or queries should be directed to me on-

Grab this party button and put it somewhere on your blog.

Thanks for stopping by, I can’t wait to see what you are going to share here in this event.

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  1. I have plenty time to prepare legume recipe for this event .. i am definitely taking part in this initiative... thank you sadhnaji for inviting me....will link in 3 days :)

  2. I will check it out if I make a legume recipe this month looks fun!

  3. Surerly will try to join the event...

  4. Surely will join the event, thanks for the invitation Sadhana mam

  5. Will try to link soon Sadhna ji such a cool event

  6. I love legumes, everything looks so good, thanks for hosting Sadhna!