Thursday 2 November 2017



I am delighted to present the round-up of MLLA, which I hosted for the third time in the month of October 2017. Special thanks to Susan of 'The well-seasoned cook' who conceived this idea in 2008, and later to Lisa of Lisa's Kitchen for taking care of Susan's baby for a long period of time. Because of them, this event is still on, and I got the chance to host it again, thank you!

I would also like to thank all the bloggers who shared their recipes in this MLLA event for October 2017. And now onto some delicious recipe entries of this month: This month MLLA received seven recipes in all. All the recipes shared were amazing and it was difficult to choose which one is the best.

The first entry I got is a very interesting recipe of Sun-dried tomato Hummus, which was shared by Soul Nutrition. In this hummus recipe, she used chickpeas as the legume for this recipe. In her post, she explained some health benefits of lentils and she also added some titbits of nutritional knowledge about this particular recipe.

The second recipe I received is of black bean, corn and red pepper Tacos by Making Healthy Choices. I love tacos with corn and black beans, so I bookmarked this recipe to try soon. In her post, she also explained legumes as a nutrition-powerhouse and the health benefits of black beans.

The third recipe, I got is of Chutney chana pilaf by Recipe Grab Bag, this is a nice green coloured recipe which is also a healthy and delicious way to enjoy rice with boondi and with the flavour of green cilantro, mint chutney.

The fourth recipe is a very interesting, healthy and awesome looking recipe of Zucchini pasta with Italian lentil sauce by Taylor Life. In this recipe, you can enjoy pasta with very little carbohydrate in it because the pasta is made with zucchini ribbons. I would love to try this recipe soon.

The fifth recipe is made under the theme of Caribbean recipes and is by Mayuri Zikoni's, which looks like channa bhature from Indian cuisine. This recipe is called “Doubles”, it is a sandwich made with two baras stuffed with chickpeas curry and served with chutney. This is a famous street food from Trinidad and Tobago. Please visit her website to see this amazingly tasty recipe. I feel like grabbing a plate through my laptop!

The sixth recipe is a hummus again, by “Just tea for two” which is made with roasted beet and the legume she used is chickpeas. I can imagine the taste of roasted beetroot, with garlic, chickpeas and tahini, actually, I want to taste it now with some fresh vegetables like carrots or cucumber, as she mentions in the post that this hummus can be enjoyed with fresh vegetables.

The last recipe which is the seventh one is of peanut butter and jelly thumbprint cookies by The mad scientist Kitchen. This is such a lovely looking recipe of cookies, they are healthy, delicious and protein rich. I like the idea of serving with jelly on top. In her post, she also explained the difference between cookies and biscuits.

Thank you all again for participating, looking forward to more events like this in future.


  1. Some of these recipes look delicious! I'm particularly interested in the sun-dried tomato hummus and the tacos. I enjoy legumes but don't cook with them very often. This gives me a fantastic reason to start using them!

    1. Thanks very much Amy for your lovely comment. I cook lentils almost everyday because they are a good source of protein for vegetarians.